For Employers

Tools to help HR & benefits leaders responsibly address employee cannabis use.

Cannabis use is a fact of life.

24% of all U.S. adults used in the last year. 13% use monthly. 29% of millennials and Gen Z use monthly and 11% use daily. Solutions are needed to address the ways employees use and misuse cannabis.
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The challenge for employers

Reduce harm

Unwise use is rampant.

Manage impact

Businesses are in a bind.

Enable the upside

Cannabis has important benefits.

What We Provide

Common-sense solutions


eo Essential Guidance

Automated solution with web-based assessments and education for cancer patients and survivors.

  • Text or telemedicine consults with expert cannabis / oncologist
  • Personalized wise-use care plans - as well as plan adherence
    and optimization.

EAP, Employer paid

eo Assist

Education, assessments and expert/clinician texting.

  • Ask questions, do research and get responsible, personalized answers using our automated chat tool.
  • Text a trained cannabis expert anytime with escalation as needed to one of our expert cannabis doctors.


eo Well

Personalized cessation, reduction and wise-use care plans, plan adherence & optimization.

  • All wise-use plans include specific product, dose and time of use recommendations.
  • Each plan is based on an employee's goals, symptoms, medical record, other meds in use and daily schedule.
  • Every plan is reviewed, approved and managed by an expert cannabis clinician.


eo Market

Responsible, affordable CBD and THC products paired with expert guidance to reduce harm.

  • Curated from leading producers by our clinical team.
  • Free home delivery available in most markets.
Expert care

Our clinical team is led by Dr. Ben Caplan, one of the leading cannabis clinicians and educators in the world.

Experience at work

Our recommendations are based on the latest cannabis research and over 18,000 patient interactions.

A scalable platform

Our proprietary technology platform allows our team to provide evidence-based, efficient and affordable care.

Let’s have a conversation

We know cannabis can be a tricky subject. We're here to answer your questions and connect you with free, objective, 3rd-party legal, clinical, HR and insurance advice if/as desired. Call 877-707-0706, email or schedule a free consultation with an eo rep now.Book Now

Why now?

Times have changed

Over 94% of Americans live in areas where medical cannabis is legal. Businesses have fallen behind government, the healthcare establishment and their own employees.

Employees need help

    Most of your employees who use cannabis are using unwisely or even unsafely. Expert guidance and responsible products are extremely hard to find - and expensive.

    Be there for them

    Meet your employees where and how they live, further demonstrate your wellness commitment and become known as an employer of choice.

    As seen

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