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How eo works.

Just choose your payment plan and subscribe. Then download our iOS patient companion app and we’ll be on our way. Together.

10 Minutes
Create a Profile

Share your use goals, medical and cannabis history and some key aspects of your daily schedule.

You say when
Get Ready

In less than 24 hours, our clinical team provides your first care plan. You review it,  schedule and take delivery of your recommended products and confirm you’re ready to start your care.

Your first 2 weeks
Start Smart

As you sample your recommended products, doses and times of use, we ask for steady feedback. If you need help, our clinical team is just a text message or phone call away.

Every 2 weeks Thereafter
Tune & Save

We assess how you’re feeling over slightly longer periods of time and revise your plan as needed - all while you save on the products that work best.


Where is eo available?

eo is currently available to those who live in participating areas of Eastern Massachusetts.If upon entry to the eo website we indicated that eo isn’t available in your area, please sign-up below and we’ll notify you when eo becomes available where you live. Note that in 2023, eo will be expanding to selected areas of New York, Connecticut and Florida.

Do I need a medical card to become an eo member?

No. You do not need a medical card to become an eo member. The care and guidance we provide is the same whether you have a medical card or not.

However, a medical card will allow you to avoid the 20% Massachusetts sales tax on cannabis products and enable access to additional product discounts and special offers. A medical card will also allow you to purchase higher potency products and larger amounts of products if/as recommended by your eo clinical team. For more information on Massachusetts medical cards, visit

Finally (and very importantly), note that as an eo member, all costs associated with obtaining, managing and renewing your med card are included in the cost of your subscription, equating to a savings of between $50 and $250 per year.

How do you decide which products, doses and times of use are most right for me?

Your clinical team bases all recommendations on relevant aspects of your medical history, cannabis use history, your daily schedule and the feedback you provide as you use your care plan.

Your team also considers the profiles, experiences and feedback provided by other eo patients like you. And they of course always draw upon their extensive cannabis treatment and research experience to provide the best possible care for you.

Can I continue to use my favorite products?

You will have the opportunity while onboarding to alert your clinical team to any products you’d like to continue using. If/as recommended by your team, these products can be included in your care plan.

However, you may have to continue to purchase these products separately if they’re not accessible via eo-approved dispensary and delivery partners in your area.

How long should it take to get my cannabis regimen “right”?

Everyone is different when it comes to the time it takes to reach satisfaction with a care plan. Sometimes it can take two weeks and sometimes as much as two months. It's important to note that with eo it's very likely you'll achieve satisfaction far faster than if you were going it alone. This means feeling better, sooner. And it means less money wasted over time on products that aren't really right for you.

However, it's also important to note that very few people retain a static relationship to cannabis for long periods of time. Products, doses and times of use typically change as your reasons for use, symptoms, cannabis tolerance, body and daily schedule evolve.

As your feedback and needs change, you can sure that we’ll be there with you to alter and optimize your care plan, guide your care and answer your questions.

How do I pay for eo?

Unfortunately, cannabis care isn't yet reimbursed by most insurers (we're working on it!). The good news? All you need to pay for eo is a credit card. And if you can't afford our yearly membership fee, just pay what you can. Nobody should have to go it alone and seek relief through cannabis without expert clinical guidance.

Note also that you will need to pay via debit card for your products each time they're delivered as it's still not possible to pay for cannabis products with a credit card. We're working on this, too!

Big things are happening fast

Rollouts in new markets, new partnerships, research initiatives and special offers are all coming soon.

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