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What’s needed.

A close, ongoing partnership with an expert clinician is essential for anyone who wants to use cannabis more safely and most effectively. However, such partnerships are rare and very expensive. A new approach to care is required, with the right ingredients.

Human experience

There’s no substitute for knowing a committed team of clinical experts is on your side and just the tap of a button away - to answer your questions, problem solve or simply provide reassurance.

Our team is led by some of the leading cannabis clinicians and researchers in the world. Their focus is always on driving to (and measuring) the real-world outcomes that matter most to you - and the future of cannabis care.

Tech that empowers

All the input and feedback you provide is securely analyzed  by our proprietary data model which then generates draft care plans and insights for our clinicians to review, edit, add to and approve.

This allows them to provide guidance that’s more informed by patients like you, spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on your care.

The right products

Our recommended CBD and THC products are sourced from leading Massachusetts wholesale and delivery partners and must meet our clinical team's consistency and efficacy requirements.  

Importantly, we have no financial reason to ever recommend one product over another. So you can be sure your care is always coming first.

Our Founders


Sean Collins

A longtime startup founder and investor in data-driven guidance platforms, Sean has focused for years on helping people and businesses make decisions in the context of uncertainty. He has deep expertise in digital/app-based startups, Bayesian and ML team formation, product commercialization and distribution.


Dave Batista

A CX, design and marketing innovator, Dave co-founded, grew and sold two leading digital agencies (BEAM and Euro RSCG Circle). He has overseen product and experience design efforts for some of the largest and most disruptive consumer products, healthcare, financial services and automotive brands in the world.


Ben Caplan, MD

Ben is a board-certified family physician and internationally recognized cannabis clinician, educator, entrepreneur and advocate. He's the founder of CED Clinic Intl & CED Foundation. Trained at Tufts and BU, Ben also studied at the UCLA Brain Mapping Center. His papers have appeared in the NEJM among other publications.

Senior Data Modeler

Kristen Parton

Kristen is an innovative quantitative / algorithmic modeler with experience across medical, biotech and financial services industry verticals (Cinch, Signal Financial Technologies, Sermo, Thermo Fisher). She is expert in Bayesian, AI and decision network model design, prototyping and performance evaluation.

Project Manager

Camila O'Brien

A strategic social media marketer and researcher, Camila has successfully led grassroots audience growth and engagement efforts for several organizations. Her experience is in identifying new marketing opportunities, as well as creating and distributing dynamic content tailored to specific audiences and brands.

Board Members & Advisors

Board Member

Bill Van Faasen

Formerly Chairman and CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Bill is a widely recognized healthcare industry leader and innovator. Currently, he is a lead director at Liberty Mutual and Eversource and a director at Acreage Holdings, where he also served as Interim CEO.

Board Member

Steve Hoffman

Most recently the Founding Chairman of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC), Steve is a nationally-recognized cannabis regulatory leader and innovator. Previously, he served as CEO of two enterprise software companies and spent over a decade as a senior partner at Bain & Company.

Board Member

John Bridge

With deep experience in health insurance, medical devices, mergers and acquisitions and cannabis investing, John brings a wealth of relevant expertise to the eo team. He is a past Head of Corporate Development at Aetna, served as CFO at Aptus Health and was an early investor in Sira Naturals, now part of AYR Wellness.

Advisor / Products

Nial Demena

An experienced cannabis product business leader and innovator, Nial is expert in cannabis product definition and creation, IP, contracts and licensing, strategic planning/marketing, regulatory compliance and commercialization. He is the co-founder of Vella Bioscience and Manna Molecular.  


Brent Bannerman

An experienced employer healthcare benefits entrepreneur and leader, Brent founded and led corporate benefits workflow automation innovator Highroads, Inc. He was also previously director at Unata, Wright Rehab, and nHalience, a medical-grade cannabinoid inhaler and dosing platform.

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