Over 180 million Americans are seeking relief from chronic pain, sleeplessness or anxiety/depression. 45+ million of them are cannabis-curious or cannabis-experienced.

We're here to help them more easily, responsibly and affordably trial, define and maintain the cannabis care regimen that's most right for them.

Patients seeking relief through cannabis are putting ever-greater pressure on their PCPs, oncologists, mental health providers and other specialists.

We're working to provide the responsible, collaborative care clinicians value. And empower them with unique, timely views of patient well-being and ongoing feeds of cannabis data and research.

Simply put, retailers are failing to effectively serve the wellness/medical cannabis consumer. They're not clinicians. And they're just not built to provide personalized care or guidance over time.

eo is designed to deliver the expertise, services and data they need to attract this premium customer and increase both satisfaction and lifetime value.

What is eo?
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Calendar-Based Care

We combine rich patient profiling, machine intelligence and expert clinician review to generate a personalized, 30-day care plan designed for maximum efficacy - and to fit the real life of the patient.

In this first month, the patient trials products and provides feedback. Once the optimal care regimen is achieved, we stay with them over time to tune their care when and as needed.

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Custom Product Lists

The eo platform is built to connect with the inventory management systems of  local partner retailers to generate an initial, clinician-reviewed list of products based on the patient's profile.

Over time, this product list is refined by our data model and clinicians based on patient feedback, changes in the patient's health and/or cannabis tolerance and product availability.

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In / Post Session Feedback

In under 30 seconds, patients provide in-session feedback using structured, widely accepted measures of pain, sleeplessness and anxiety/depression and open-ended voice and text notes.

At the end of the day, they reflect back using measures of overall well-being developed by the WHO and provide further notes. The result is unique, detailed, longitudinal and useful patient data set.

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Wellness Integration

Our calendar-based care model makes it easy for the patient (or clinician) to compliment cannabis use sessions with set and setting, meditation, exercise or diet-focused guidance, activities and events.

The result is a holistic, cannabis-based health and wellness program and an ongoing opportunity to appropriately share guidance content and data with other leading health and wellness applications.

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Expert Telemedicine & Guidance

At any point in their care journey a patient can schedule and purchase nicely-priced telemedicine consults. Our clinical team is led by eo co-founder and Chief Medical Officer Dr Ben Caplan, one of the world's leading cannabis clinicians and researchers.

And our eo clinical and member support teams are always ready to assist via in-app messaging or over the phone to ensure the entire patient experience is as successful and easy as possible.

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A Unique Data Platform

We're working to provide clinicians, retailers, researchers and regulators with the detailed compound efficacy data they need.

At the same time, eo is built to understand how holistic, iterative cannabis care impacts standard measures of pain, sleeplessness and anxiety/depression, well-being and activities of daily living over time - and examine how it compares to other substance-based treatments (e.g. opioid, NSAID, steroid or SSRI-based care).

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When / Where is eo available?

Our early access program is now live and serving patients in Massachusetts. If you'd like to apply for early access to eo just tap the green button above. If you'd like to be notified when eo will be available in your area, sign-up above to receive our newsletter or follow us on any of our social media channels.

How does eo make money? How much does eo cost?

At eo, we're committed to enabling the most premium cannabis care at accessible prices. We're currently trialing both monthly subscription and full year membership models.

Is a medical card required?

No medical card is required for patients to use eo. However, in many states having a card enables access to a broader range of products at lower prices. For this reason, our care team will recommend and provide cards for qualified patients as appropriate.

Is eo HIPAA compliant?

Yes. Patient privacy is fundamental and only appropriately anonymized and formatted data sets will be shared with our clinical and commercial partners.

Furthermore, eo is designed and built to anticipate the eventual removal of cannabis from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act,  the potential federal legalization of medical cannabis and likely FDA oversight.

Cannabis is organic and very idiosyncratic. Is it really possible to "get it right"?

Many companies and researchers are now doing the extremely hard work of attempting to determine with a meaningful degree of replicability and consistency which specific cannabis compounds are most useful in the treatment of specific maladies. Our iterative, efficient approach to patient experience design and our unique data model will help all parties address these truly difficult problems.

With that said, our primary goal is to define patient experience and data model designs that will allow any one person to most rapidly arrive at the cannabis care regimen that best addresses their pain, sleeplessness or anxiety/depression, improves their overall well-being and their quality of life. Then we partner with them over time to tune that regimen as their body, their mind, their life and the products themselves evolve. Or put another way: Our focus is on perpetually working to understand which products, taken at which dose, at which time of day, in which context, will help any one person feel and live best.

It's our belief that focusing on individual success is the best way to ultimately find the specific connections and insights that will one day be broadly applicable beyond the individual - and create the future of cannabis medicine.

Can eo be applied to other psychoactive substance-based treatments? 

Yes. With minor adjustments our companion app and data model can be deployed by clinicians in other specialties towards most established and emerging pain, sleeplessness or anxiety/depression treatments. Where patient/clinician collaboration, timely feedback, iteration and data are highly valued, eo may be very useful.