A Benefit They Really Need

Expert, affordable cannabis guidance and purpose-designed products for employees trying to manage the symptoms of cancer and related treatments.

Cannabis is Important, Complicated & Costly

Over 40% of employees with cancer are turning to cannabis to reduce nausea, stimulate appetite, manage pain and anxiety, improve sleep and simplify complex symptom management regimens.
However, without expert clinical guidance and purpose-designed products, getting cannabis right is typically risky, stressful and expensive.

Meet Employees Where They Are & Reduce Your Healthcare Costs

Models built for eo by a leading analyst suggest providing quality cannabis guidance for employees can reduce your total healthcare costs by 1% - 4%.
Want to learn more? Let’s quantify the impact eo  could have on your healthcare costs and find the right guidance solution for your company.
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of those who use cannabis for cancer/treatment-related symptoms do so without clinical guidance.

> 33%

of unguided, regular cannabis users will develop a cannabis use disorder or cannabis hyperemesis syndrome.


of employers surveyed would provide cannabis support for those with a critical illness.

What we provide

Common Sense Solutions

EAP, Employer paid
EO Assist
An easy-to-implement cannabis education offering designed for any employee.
  • Web-based assessments and access to our personalized AI-powered cannabis guidance platform.
  • Phone and/or telemedicine consults with clinicians trained in supportive care and cannabis medicine.
EO Well
Personalized cessation, reduction and wise-use care plans, plan adherence & optimization.
  • All wise-use plans include specific product, dose and time of use recommendations.
  • Each plan is based on an employee's goals, symptoms, medical record, other meds in use and daily schedule.
  • Every plan is reviewed, approved and managed by an expert cannabis clinician.
  • Message our clinical team anytime.
EO Market
A way for employees to purchase responsible, affordable CBD and THC products paired with expert clinical guidance for safe, optimized use.
  • Purpose-designed eo CBD + supplement products.
  • THC-inclusive products curated from leading producers by our clinical team.
  • Free home delivery available in most markets.
Expert care
Our clinical team is led by Dr. Brooke Worster, a leading supportive oncologist and palliative care specialist.
Experience at work
Our recommendations are based on the latest cannabis research and thousands of patient interactions.
A scalable platform
Our proprietary technology platform allows our team to provide evidence-based, efficient and affordable care.

Our Partners Know

We're working with leading cancer centers (like the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center in Philadelphia) and with cancer advocacy orgs to provide patients and members with the quality care and products they need. Your employees deserve the same.
See How EO Works
Meet EO. And cancer survivor Ethan Zohn.
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See How EO Works

Meet EO. And cancer survivor Ethan Zohn.

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Why Now?
The benefits are real
It’s more clear than ever that cannabis can be an important tool in the management of cancer and treatment-related symptoms such as pain, nausea, appetite loss, insomnia and anxiety.
Employees need help
Most who use cannabis for medical and wellness reasons are using unwisely or even unsafely. Expert guidance and responsible products are extremely hard to find - and expensive.
Rescheduling is coming
It’s widely believed that cannabis will soon move from Schedule 1 to Schedule 3. Employees will expect providers, payers and employers to treat cannabis more like  other trusted treatment options.


ROI Calculator

Get your personalized, cost-saving projection for your organization when implementing a medicinal cannabis benefit for plan members. Typically ranging from 3% to 6%...

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