eo is a cannabis education, care and clinician communication app for patients and a decision support and patient communication platform for clinicians. It’s designed to enable more informed, accurate, personalized and efficient collaborations between patients and licensed eo and partner clinicians.

Here’s how eo works:

  1. The patient uses the eo patient companion app to securely provide a comprehensive profile featuring relevant information about their medical condition, cannabis use history and daily schedule. This profile information is then received by our data model. This model unites relevant medical cannabis research, patient experience data, and clinical best practices developed by Dr. Benjamin Caplan, MD, eo’s Chief Medical Officer and a leading cannabis clinician and researcher. Over 10+years, Dr. Caplan has treated over 16,000 patients and has trained hundreds of clinicians.
  2. Our data model then generates a draft personalized care plan including recommended products, doses and times of use and an associated draft shopping shopping list of products to purchase at a dispensary near the patient.
  3. The draft care plan and draft shopping list for each patient are then personally reviewed, modified and ultimately approved by Dr Caplan and/or another licensed eo or partner clinician via our web-based clinician admin portal. The approved care plan and shopping list are then uploaded to the patient’s companion app.
  4. If the patient so chooses, the patient then purchases the recommended products from their local dispensary via the dispensary’s online or bricks and mortar store, utilizing the ordering system of such dispensary. He or she uses the products and provides feedback via the patient companion app. This feedback is then personally reviewed by a licensed eo or partner clinician, the patient’s care plan and shopping list are modified as appropriate by the clinician and then returned to the patient’s app and to the data model (to assist with the further refinement of the model).
  5. The patient has the option to schedule a telemedicine consult with a licensed eo or partner clinician whenever they like.

At no point in the eo experience is the patient ever provided with product, dose, time of use or other care/treatment recommendations that have not been personally reviewed, modified as needed and approved by an experienced, licensed cannabis clinician.

Please note: No one cannabis treatment plan is effective to treat any particular condition in all circumstances, nor is the efficacy of various treatments the same as between patients.

For this reason, our focus is on enabling evidence-based, contextual decision-making by physicians:

  1. Helping any one eo patient more closely collaborate with a licensed clinician to responsibly define the unique cannabis care plan/regimen that helps them feel best and that best fits their life.
  2. Helping our eo and partner clinicians more efficiently express their expertise and care for patients.
  3. Providing evidence-based, medically-grounded care to patients and advanced analytic support to clinicians that isn’t otherwise available anywhere.

Patients: Please consult with your physician before beginning any cannabis care regimen or cannabis treatments. Check with your state and city laws to confirm the legality of cannabis where you live. By downloading this app you are confirming that you’re over 21 years of age.

Dr. Benjamin Caplan, MD; Caplan NPI: 1962722637; CED Clinic LLC NPI: 1093273146; NRCME (National Registry of certified medical examiners: 9558074774; MA Board Medical License: 257356