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More responsible. More optimal effects. More affordable.

How It Should Be

We provide purpose-designed products, easy-to-use guidance tools and affordable, expert care.

All created to end the epidemic of unwise CBD and THC cannabis use and bring wise use to you - and all who might benefit.

Products + Care

For Cancer Care

What symptoms can cannabis help me manage? Will it interact with my other treatments? Which THC and CBD cannabis products, doses and times of use are most right for me?

Whether you’re in active treatment or a cancer survivor, our care team and products are here to help you realize more relief, more responsibly.

For Seniors

What are the benefits and risks of cannabis? Will it make me feel high or dizzy? What about my other meds? How can I use it most responsibly?

With eo, you can more easily and safely explore both CBD and THC - and find and maintain the cannabis regimen that’s most right for you.

For Employers

Employee cannabis use is a fact of life.

You can provide your team with the guidance and care they need, save them money and lower your healthcare costs. We’ll show you how.

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