Don’t Just Hope They’re Getting Cannabis Right

Cannabis is tricky. Connect your patients with the expert, affordable care and products they need.

A New Standard of Care

Our supportive oncologist-led team and iterative, data-informed approach to care will help your patients more safely, simply and affordably achieve and maintain their optimal cannabis regimen.
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Here’s How EO Works
Experience our difference through the eyes of cancer survivor Ethan Zohn.
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See How EO Works

Meet EO. And cancer survivor Ethan Zohn.

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Trusted by Oncologists & Cancer Advocates

We're working with leading cancer centers (like the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center in Philadelphia) and with cancer advocacy orgs to provide patients and members with the quality care and products they need. Your patients deserve the same.
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What We Provide

THC / CBD Care Plans

For just $14 per month, patients can partner with our team to define and maintain a THC and/or CBD care regimen specifying the products, doses and times of use that are most right for them.
We offer plans for both patients and caregivers.

Purpose-Designed Products

Our clinician-formulated CBD + supplement products are designed to provide relief, reduce stress, boost energy and strength and improve appetite.

All our products come with the ability to consult our clinical team anytime. At no cost.

Free, Expert Phone Support & Guidance

Our clinician-led team is here to answer any questions your patients might have about how to use cannabis most safely and effectively.

Meet Our Clinical Team Leads


Brooke Worster, MD

A pioneering palliative care clinician and researcher, Dr. Worster is currently Director, Supportive Oncology at Jefferson Health in Philadelphia. She is a graduate of Temple University School of Medicine and completed her fellowship in palliative care and pain management at MGH Brigham and Dana Farber Cancer Center in Boston.


Ben Caplan, MD

An internationally recognized cannabis clinician and educator, Dr Caplan has overseen the care of over 18,000 cannabis patients and developed protocols that have benefited tens of thousands more. He is a graduate of Tufts University School of Medicine and completed his residency in family medicine at Boston Medical Center.

Learn About Cannabis

Introducing PEP, our clinician-designed, secure, AI-powered Personalized Education Platform for cannabis.

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