What’s Needed

A close, ongoing partnership with an expert clinician is essential for anyone who wants to use cannabis more safely and most effectively. However, such partnerships are rare and very expensive. A new approach to care is required, with the right ingredients.
Human Experience

Our team is led by recognized healthcare, cannabis regulatory and technology leaders/innovators.

Their focus is always on driving to (and measuring) the real-world outcomes that matter most to you - and to all who are working to help cannabis find its place as a responsibly provided, evidence-based medical treatment.

Tech That Enables

All the input and feedback you provide is securely analyzed by our proprietary data model which then generates draft care plans and insights for our clinicians to review, edit, add to and approve.

This allows them to provide care that’s more informed by more patients like you, spend less time on administrative tasks and more time with you.

The Right Products

Our recommended CBD and THC products are sourced from leading Massachusetts wholesale and delivery partners and must meet our clinical teams’ consistency and efficacy requirements.

Clinical Leadership


Brooke Worster, MD


Ben Caplan, MD

Founding Team


Sean Collins


Dave Batista

Senior Data Modeler

Kristen Parton


Ben Caplan, MD

Project Manager

Camila O'Brien

Board Members & Advisors

Board Member

Bill Van Faasen

Board Member

Steve Hoffman

Board Member

John Bridge

Advisor / Products

Nial Demena


Brent Bannerman