Below, you’ll find links to the clinical and scientific research that underpin our methodology.

Primary Sources:

Daily and ad hoc treatment with cannabis

Ramp up for treatment and dosing

CBD treatment for sleep / anxiety

Form preferences for pain patients

Cannabis use forms/strains for chronic pain

Strain specific uses

Systemic review of cannabionoids

Potential drug interactions with cannabis

General DOH cannabis presentation of study results

Cannabinoids as anti-inflammatory agents

Cannabis treatment for pain safety study analysis

Cannabis dosing for pain treatment

CBD treatment for chronic pain

Cannabis treatment for cancer-related pain

Regimen guidelines

CBD topicals and pain

Cannabis and IBD

THC and pain

Cannabis treatment using flower

Cannabis and smoked flower

Vaping low-dose cannabis

Long-term pain relief with continuous cannabis use

THC and anxiety

CBD and anxiety

Dosing with CBD

Sublingual spray study on pain and sleep

Dosing with THC with ramp-up

Pain treatment with THC

Treatment on top of exisiting regimen

Long term efficacy and tolerance study

Smoked cannabis for pain

Sleep dosing

Secondary Sources

Cannabis behavioral effects

Long term use study

CB1 and CB2 receptors

Topical safety

Cannabinoids for cancer

Cannabinoids for chemo side effects

Cannabis for patients previously on opiods

Neuropathic pain and cannabis use

Cannabis use safety


Cannabis and chronic pain review

Review of cannabis and pain

Cannabis use with other medications

Cannabis and various indications

Chemo-induced pain study

Cannabis add on therapy to opiods study

Cannabis and pain

Pain from MS treatment with cannabis

Cannabis and anxiety

Cannabis and MS

THC and muscle spasticity

Cannabis treatment for migraines review

Cannabis and headaches review

Historical review of cannabis and migraines

Systemic review of cannabis treatment and migraines

Cannabis and sleep

Cannabis forms

Cannabis forms

Cannabis forms

Cannabinoids and pain

Additional clinical sources

Additional biochemistry sources

Additional cultivation and compounding sources

Additional other sources