Community & Cannabis: The Commons


However self-sufficient you are, you can achieve exponentially more when you belong to a community.

The right community will grant you the ability to talk about shared experiences, educate yourself from a collective pool of knowledge, and bask in the comfort of knowing that you are not alone. There are communities of support for people who are battling cancer and coping with insomnia, so why shouldn’t there be a place for cannabis patients to gather and enjoy the benefits of community?

At eo, we believe that cannabis users need a community just like those found in other areas of health and wellness. That’s why we created the Commons. We are a forum for the medical and wellness cannabis community to engage in open discussion, receive guidance, and provide support for one another. Members like you are integral to building our community. Your lived experiences and willingness to connect are what make EO Care Commons an invaluable community resource. Join our Facebook community to share experiences and resources, form connections with your peers, and help cultivate the future of cannabis care.

Head to the Commons and click “join” to become a member.

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