Meet eo:

People are suffering. Cannabis offers the potential of relief, but cannabis care today leaves much to be desired in the way of guidance, data, and consistency.

eo is a digital therapeutic, telemedicine platform and clinical data source. We are on a mission to deliver the future of cannabis care through personalized, calendar-based care plans and ongoing clinical guidance delivered on an intuitive digital platform.

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Meet the team:

Expert medical knowledge, complex data modeling, user experience optimization, and everything in between. On team eo, we each bring something different to the table, but all share one goal---relieving patient suffering at scale.

eo CEO and co-founder Sean Collins has long had an interest in the idea of state change. Sean is a seasoned developer of data-backed guidance platforms working to solve complex problems like this one. Our CXO and co-founder Dave Batista has grown multiple leading digital agencies and spearheaded user experience design efforts in financial services, and consumer products and brands. Also leading the team is cannabis advocate and patient, Jill Minkin, who joins eo as an advisor. Jill offers her extensive experience around organizational structure, team building, and investment strategy as well as her invaluable perspective as a cannabis patient herself.

Responsible for eo’s clinical guidance is Dr. Benjamin Caplan, our CMO. Dr. Caplan is a board-certified family physician and internationally recognized cannabis clinician, educator, and advocate. He founded Massachusetts’ premier medical cannabis clinic CED Clinic as well as the CED Foundation. Our Senior Data Modeler Kristen Parton is the woman behind the data model that makes eo what it is. Kristen is well-versed in Bayesian modeling, AI and decision network model design and has experience across biotech, financial, and medical industries.

On team eo, our unique backgrounds and strengths combine to enable us to fill the gaps in the patient experience by providing evidence-based care to those who need it.

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