Personalization & Iteration in Cannabis Care:

Not all patients are the same. Each person has unique underlying health conditions, personal experiences, and needs. What works for one patient is not guaranteed to work for all. Some patients might be allergic to a specific medication, others might be able to tolerate it but are unable to take it due to incompatible work schedules, and others might be a perfect fit for the same medication. Personalization is fundamental to effective medical care. In order to make medical recommendations that are best suited to their patient’s needs, a doctor must understand their patients on a deep level. Without knowing their patient's prior medical history, daily routine, general attitude, eating and exercise habits, etc; it is impossible to get the full picture. Optimal care occurs when doctors have a comprehensive understanding of their patients. This is personalization.

However, personalization is only the first step in achieving effective care. Iteration is also key. A doctor’s ability to be receptive to a patient’s feedback and make changes to their care plan based on this feedback is what makes medical care effective in the long-run. A care plan that was tailored to a patient’s circumstances a year ago could be outdated for the patient today. Circumstances change, and it is natural for a person’s habits and lifestyle to change with them. As a patient changes, so should their care plan. It’s the responsibility of a doctor to make these adjustments accordingly.

Cannabis care is no different. An effective care plan that incorporates cannabis medicine must also be personalized to the patient and adhere to their ever-changing needs. With the proper guidance and care plan, cannabis has been effective in treating conditions like chronic pain, sleeplessness, anxiety, and depression. This efficacy hinges on whether the clinician prescribing the cannabis care plan is willing to fully understand who their patients are and listen and adapt to their needs.

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