Treating Chronic Pain

In dealing with pain, finding and curing the underlying cause is the most effective approach. However, since the cause can be extremely difficult to identify, patients are sometimes left only with the option of managing their pain. For chronic pain sufferers, it is hard to identify a clear path to relief.

Pain management typically involves taking analgesics. These painkillers aim to either relieve inflammation or to alter how the nervous system perceives pain. Unfortunately, there are many risks associated with their use. Analgesic opioids are highly addictive, and can easily lead to abuse if not highly controlled. Remaining on a consistent long-term regimen of analgesics is also associated with liver damage and NSAIDs, a specific analgesic often used to treat headaches and arthritis, can place you at risk for GI issues.  

With the right treatment plan, cannabis presents the opportunity for relief without the alarming side effects of traditional methods of pain relief. According to a Colorado study, 80% of those who used cannabis to provide relief reported that it was either “very” or “extremely” helpful in treating their pain. In the same study, 88% of those who attempted to replace opioids or over the counter pain medications with cannabis reported a reduction of their use.

Accompanied by clinical guidance, cannabinoids can provide similar relief without the side effects of analgesics. In a phenomenon known as the entourage effect, the different compounds in cannabis products work in conjunction with one another to maximize the patient’s pain relief. Every patient experiences cannabis in a unique way. They also need comprehensive treatment that takes into account their daily routines, habits, and diet. When the right cannabinoids combine with good guidance, and a holistic care plan, cannabis can provide chronic pain sufferers the relief they need without the unwanted side effects.

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